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What we do

We gather all of the residency match lists we can get our data-huntin' paws on.

Then, we analyze them for trends and patterns.

How we Help

We've found some pretty cool stuff rummaging through all that data. We are excited to share it with you so you can compare med schools by what matters most- their results.


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“MedhounD is an extraordinarily useful site for med school applicants”

- Linda Abraham

President and Founder of Accepted

“Useful, relevant, practical and fascinating information”

- Janet Snoyer

Former Program Director
Health Professions Advising at Cornell University

"This data has been vital in helping me make some of the most important decisions on my road to becoming a physician"

- Drew Smith

BYU '15

“Love Medhound! I am using it to rank my four possible choices.”

- Scott Mitchell

Dartmouth College '16